Gift Certificate

Dear René,

Sir Isaac Newton has sent you a gift certificate!

Take a moment to celebrate your recent discoveries!


René Descartes


Sir Isaac Newton


$500.00 toward the cruise of your choice

Certificate Code:


To redeem, please visit and use the certificate code above, or call 850-650-2519 to book your cruise.

Please note that we utilize 20% commission-based service pay and that is not included in this gift certificate. The commission (20% of your ticket price + anything else purchased while onboard) will be charged accordingly at the end of the cruise.

Please bring a copy (paper or digital) of this gift certificate with you onboard.

Once purchased, a gift certificate cannot be refunded, even if it is lost or stolen. Gift certificates are redeemable by anyone who has access to the gift certificate code, so the purchaser and recipient are responsible for keeping the gift certificate code secure. To redeem the gift certificate, the recipient must accept the policies associated with the cruise at the time they redeem the gift certificate. No cash back.

Redemption value may not exceed $500.00.

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